Location to spend the night

Do you want to visit the Beachpull on Thursday and Friday evening and Saturday? Or don’t feel like driving home during the night? An overnight stay in the neighborhood of our premises is your solution. The ideal way to complete your visit and to afterglow the pull during a nice breakfast.

Strandparc Nulde
When you approach the Beach Pull premises, you will first pass the Strandparc Nulde. The parc is located directly at the Veluwemeer (lake) and has an amazing private beach. Will you stay the night? When the weather is nice, you have the guarantee of a refreshing dive in the Veluwemeer.
For more information: www.strandparcnulde.nl 

Postillion Hotels- Amersfoort Veluwemeer
Across from the Exit Nulde lies the Postillion hotel Amersfoort Veluwemeer. It is a hotel with a gorgeous view on the Veluwemeer. Within several minutes you will arrive at the hotel, when leaving the event, which will enable you to dream quickly after a day of Truck and Tractorpulling.
For more information: www.postillionhotels.com/nl-nl/postillion-hotel-amersfoort-veluwemeer.nl

Kasteel de Vanenburg (Castle)
Only a few kilometers away Kasteel de Vanenburg  is located. Do you want to retreat after a day full of smoking engines and spectacle on a quiet, rustic location? This is the right place for you.
For more information:  www.vanenburg.nl