House Rules
  • Identification is obligatory, you could be asked to show it.

  • You could be body searched.

  • It is not permitted to bring Glass and containers. Glass and containers will be taken at the entrance.

  • No alcohol will be sold to persons under 18 years old.

  • If persons under 18 are caught with an alcoholic beverage, they may be removed from the premises.

  • U could possibly be randomly searched.  
  • When you refuse the search, this will prevent you from entering the event premises.  
  • Carrying fire, thrust or stab weapons on the event premises is strictly forbidden.  
  • The pathways of the stands need to be kept free.
    On charge of the Local Fire Department you are not allowed to place chairs in front of the stands and/or the concrete partition.
    Brought chairs will be seized at the entrance.

  • The organization is not liable for any damage or loss of any sorts.

  • Misbehavior will deny you the entrance to the event premises.

  • During all times you should follow the directions of the organization or/and the security.

  • Entering the event premises is wholly at your own risk.

  • It is not allowed to spend the night at the parking lot of Leisurelands.

  • When the event is cancelled, there is no refund.

  • During the event, camera surveillance may be available for security reasons.
    If necessary (in case of calamities or disturbances) the images will be made available to the police and judiciary.

  • During the event, images / recordings can be made by the organizer and her partners.
    On arrival, all attendees tacitly authorize the organization to reproduce, publish and / or exploit these video images and photo recordings.

  • Parking on the LeisureLands car parks is at your own risk, the organization is not responsible for any damage.
    Cars parked elsewhere can be towed away.

  • It is forbidden to make images / recordings with drones without permission from the organization.

  • The possession and use of drugs (such as other laughing gas) is forbidden on the whole terrain. 

  • Wearing club related expressions (such as OMG clothing) is forbidden.  

  • According to the guidelines of the NTTO it is not allowed to make any screen or sound footage of the Total Agri Beachpull public. For more information we are referring you to the NTTO.